Santa Barbara: Downtown

For those visiting the Santa Barbara area, it is an obvious choice to hit the beach or hike up the foothills to the American Riviera. Once you are sunburnt from the beach or tired from all the hiking, make sure you take the time to explore our Downtown area. Though it is nowhere near the size of a larger city’s downtown area, Santa Barbara offers a downtown experience with plenty of restaurants and shopping without the hassles and traffic of Los Angeles or New York. There is actually some traffic congestion on the 101 freeway, through Carpinteria and Santa Barbara, during holidays or Sunday evenings. However, this traffic pales in comparison to the notorious Los Angeles traffic.

The main part of Santa Barbara’s Downtown area (also where you will want to spend most of your time) is located on State Street. Santa Barbara’s State Street offers wonderful art galleries littered up and down the street. Do not forget that the first Thursday of each month, the art galleries host showings up and down the street with light food and beverages. First Thursday is a definite must for most locals and any tourist should take advantage of the wonderful local art.

State Street offers modern day movie theatres with box office hits. Often overlooked are the Granada Theatre and the Lobero theatre. Both offering a wide range of musicals, dramatic plays, musicians, stand up comedians and Broadway plays. We also have the Santa Barbara Film Festival. The theatres usually have some pretty good acts to see because even the rich and famous love coming to Santa Barbara (especially if they get paid to do it)!

Filippini Wealth Management is located in the heart of the California coast near Santa Barbara, in a town called Montecito. Filippini Wealth Management’s main offices are located just outside of the Santa Barbara city limits, but still within Santa Barbara County. Ian Filippini’s was raised by parents, Alfred Filippini (no longer living) and Deborah Filippini who decided to move the family to the Santa Barbara area in the 1990’s. Ian Filippini has traveled the world and seen many different places. Ian Filippini agrees with all the locals that Santa Barbara is the place to be!

Filippini Wealth Management was founded by Ian Filippini. Ian Filippini takes a personal interest in overseeing the day to day management and operations of the business. Whenever needed younger brother, Alex Filippini, is close by to lend a helping hand. Filippini Wealth Management is a one stop shop designed to provide value to our clients in the areas of taxation, insurance and real estate. Ian Filippini takes the time to understand his client’s goals or wishes and the best way to implement them.

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