Santa Barbara: The Great Outdoors

Santa Barbara may not be as rugged and rough as the forest in the movie The Great Outdoors, but it is pretty amazing by its own right. The year round clear skies, sunshine and mild to beautiful weather year round keeps the visitors happy and eager to come back. This is especially true for those that enjoy activities relating to an outdoor experience.

Santa Barbara County and surrounding areas have some of the best beaches in the country – if not the world. Though there is plenty to accomplish in the ocean and the beach; Santa Barbara is really more than just a beach or surf town. Just take a look past the coast line and you will see the Santa Bara Mountains and foothills lining the Riviera. The Santa Barbara hills are littered with wonderful hiking or biking riding trails with beautiful wildlife and scenery. Depending on the time of year you decide to make your visit to Santa Barbara, will dictate what kind of wildlife or plants you will be able to encounter or watch.

It is hard to do, but if you have seen enough of Santa Barbara proper, do not forget to look out the horizon. The Santa Barbara Channel Islands are located just offshore of Santa Barbara city beach and are easily accessible by powerboat. Many locals and visitors decide to take a boat out to the islands for site seeing, whale watching and fishing in general. There are also airplanes for charter out of Santa Barbara Airport that will take visitors to the island for day trips. If you are in the adventurous mood, you can always plan a longer stay on the island and spend time at the campgrounds at night.

Filippini Wealth Management was created and founded by, President, Ian Filippini. Ian Filippini takes pride in personally overseeing and managing the day to day operations of the business. Ian Filippini also has a younger brother, Alex Filippini, who is always lose by to lend a hand. Filippini Wealth Management is one stop shop designed to provide value to our clients in the areas of taxation, insurance and real estate. Ian Filippini will take the time necessary to understand your goals and the best way to implement them.

Filippini Wealth Management is situated near Santa Barbara, in a town called Montecito, California. Montecito and Filippini Wealth Management’s office are located just outside of the Santa Barbara city limits, but still within Santa Barbara County. Ian Filippini’s parents, Alfred Filippini (dead as of 2009) and Deborah Filippini decided to move the family to the Santa Barbara area in the 1990’s. Ian Filippini has traveled the globe and agrees with all the locals that Santa Barbara is the place to be!

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