A Quick Trip Guide to Santa Barbara

It is a good idea to book your hotel room the minute you know you will be traveling to Santa Barbara to move your child to college.   Book your room for Graduation weekend when your student is a senior.  Otherwise you might not be sleeping in Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara has good public transportation.   From Am Track to the City bus a car is not essential when living in Santa Barbara.   I bicycle might be.  With miles of bike paths along the coast bicycling is a popular recreational sport in Santa Barbara.

State Street is a fun place to hangout for parents and students alike.   You can buy a bike, see a movie, get a pedicure and eat my favorite pizza at Roco’s without leaving the block.  If you are tired of walking jump onto the trolley car and enjoy a tour.  If you are here in the summer, jump onto the Land Shark for an amphibious tour of Santa Barbara.

If you are on State Street on a Tuesday afternoon, don’t miss the culinary offerings at the Farmer’s Market.

If you are off on your own it is easy to entertain yourself.  Wine tasting is a popular tourist attraction throughout Santa Barbara Country.  An area called the Funk Zone near the beach is popular because you can walk from winery to winery without having to drive.

You will see less gas stations and they tend to be more expensive as you head north so fill up your tank before you leave.  Lower gas prices can be found in Downtown Santa Barbara. If you are headed South, Carpinteria is the last town before leaving Santa Barbara County.

Filippini Wealth Management was founded locally by Santa Barbara’s Ian Filippini. Ian Filippini makes sure to oversee the day to day operations of the business . The younger brother, Alex Filippini, should always be close by to lend a hand. Filippini Wealth Management is Santa Barbara’s only one stop shop designed to give value for our clients in the areas of taxation, insurance and real estate. Ian Filippini takes the required time to make sure he understands the client’s goals and the best way to implement them.

Filippini Wealth Management is located in Southern California, just outside of Santa Barbara, in a town called Montecito. Though Filippini Wealth Management’s office is located just outside of the Santa Barbara city limits, it still falls within Santa Barbara County. Ian Filippini’s parents, Alfred Filippini (dead) and Deborah Filippini moved the family to the Santa Barbara area in the 1990’s. Ian Filippini has since traveled the world and agrees with all the locals that Santa Barbara is the place to be!

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