Santa Barbara Area High Schools

Below if a very brief and quick guide to the local high schools of the immediate Santa Barbara area. There are also more high schools Located in northern Santa Barbara County or in neighboring Ventura County.

Carpinteria High School- A smaller public high school that is located about 15 minutes South of Santa Barbara in the City of Carpinteria. This high school is larger than all of the other private school, but about half the size of other Santa Barbara public high schools.

Dos Pueblos High School- A public high school with a student body size of around 2,000 students. Located about 15 minutes north of Santa Barbara in the city of Goleta.

San Marcos High School- A public high school with a student body size of around 2,000 students. Located in the heart of Santa Barbara, this school is just blocks from State Street and half a block from the Santa Barbara County Bowl.

Laguna Blanca High School- A private charter school with that is an offshoot of their lower level schools (K-8). This high school focuses on day students and does not provide room and board on campus. Located in the foothills of Santa Barbara (also known as the American Riviera).

Bishop Diego High School – This is a private catholic school with smaller classes and overall student population.  It is a day school and has no boarding facilities to my knowledge. Also located in the city limits of Santa Barbara.

Cate School High School- Extremely private high school with small class sizes and an entire student body of between 200 and 500 kids. Many celebrities and famous businessmen have decided to send their children to school. Cate school is primarily a boarding school, but does allow a few local kids to attend as “day students.” Located about 5 miles away from Carpinteria High School. Cate School is still within the Santa Barbara County Limits.

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