Ian Filippini: Renting a Car in Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Renting a Car in Santa Barbara

Filippini Wealth Management Inc. is one of Santa Barbara’s most prominent names in financial services. Operated by Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, this agency has experts ready to guide you through all of your financial needs small and large. In an effort to assist you in better money management, Ian Filippini Santa Barbara offers to you a list of the top car rental agencies in the city, as well as tips for saving money on your booking.

Avis Rent A Car

Avis Rent A Car is located on Montecito Street. They are open 7 days per week for your convenience, offering a wide range of vehicles to accommodate your needs. Specials for weekly rentals are available, and online booking is also offered.

Enterprise Rent A Car

Enterprise is another well-known car rental company with a SB location to serve your needs. The center is located on Chapala Street. They have compact cars, trucks, luxury automobiles and more.

Budget Rent A Car

Budget is located on East Haley Street. Their rates are usually lower on car rentals than other agencies,  but some people note the selection of vehicles is not as large as what is found with other companies.

Hertz Corporation

Hertz has several locations in the city, including one on State Street and another on S La Cumbre. Hertz provides fast, friendly service with a wide selection of vehicles to pick from, as well as nice prices to go along with it all.


Booking Tips

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and Filippini Wealth management Inc. offer the follow tips for booking your car rental:

  • If you need a vehicle for three or more days, check out weekly rental costs. Chances are it will cost you about the same, and depending upon the day of the week that you book, might even cost less than rental for the three days.
  • Consider whether or not you really need the extra insurance offered by the rental agency. In most circumstances your car insurance will cover the rental, so this is an unnecessary expense.
  • If possible, avoid renting a vehicle on the weekends, when the rates are substantially more than weekday rental costs.
  • Buy your own gas rather than rely on prepaid fuel. You are likely  to spend twice as much filling the tank if you opt for the prepaid fuel option than you would filling the tank yourself.
  • It is always cheaper to rent a vehicle at a non-airport location. Although you might find it convenient to pick up at the airport, expect to spend more for this luxury.
  • Average car rental rates in SB for an economy car are $32.44 per day, while typical rates for a luxury vehicle are $82.88 per day. An SUV averages a $64.04 per day rental rate, and a compact car rents for an average of $34.22 each day.

Benefits of a Rental Car

Benefits of a rental car are numerous. With the vehicle you are sure to be able to get out and enjoy the city to the fullest. It is a far more practical method of getting around than any other transportation option, and when done correctly, it is also one of the most affordable. There are a ton of other exciting benefits that come along with the rental of a car for personal use, including the ability to be with the people that you know and trust and the chance to enjoy activities for as long as you would like without being rushed to stay with the group.  Take advantage of these benefits and use one of the awesome car rental companies in the area that are eager to serve your needs.




Iaian Filippini of Filippini Wealth Management Group Tip #17

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Estate Planning Tip #17

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There is a lot that goes into estate planning.  There are a lot of people involved, a lot of meetings, a lot of documents, and a lot of, well, planning!    Sometimes with all of this involvement, you may just want to hurry up and be done with the process.  Especially if you are not financially planning minded, estate planning can be a real chore, and things can be missed.  Things such as planning for protection against estate recovery.  Of course you should have the help of a reputable estate planner by your side to help you and guide you through this process.  Iaian Filippini is a reputable estate planner and trusted financial consultant.  In this article, Iaian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. will discuss how you can protect your home from something called estate recovery.            Iaian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. have worked with many clients who’s only asset was their home, the house that they live in.  For many people, this is a reality, says Iaian Filippini.  They don’t have tons and tons of money, they just have their home (but they own it outright), says Iaian Filippini.  But what happens if you need government medical assistance at the end of your life? Unfortunately, says Iaian Filippini, if you get medical financial aide, and then you pass away and are not able to pay it back, your home (or any other assets) can be taken.            Iaian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. says that there is a way around this and it is called a life estate.  According to Iaian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc., a life estate is when there can be two owners on a property, but they are for different time periods.  Iaian Filippini says that you would be the owner while you are alive, but another owner will automatically take over at the time of your death and cannot be taken.            Iaian Filippini is a Santa Barbara local and the president of Montecito’s Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. is located in Montecito, California. Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. was created by Alfred Filippini, who is also the late father of Iaian Filippini and his brother Alex Filippini (also worked with Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc.). Iaian Filippini’s mother also lives in the Santa Barbara area. Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. is not a law firm and is not licensed to practice law. Iaian Filippini is also not licensed to practice law and is not an attorney. No advice is given or intended with this article. No legal recommendations or guidance have been provided. Contact a licensed attorney to review any legal questions or problems you may be involved in.