30 Great Places to Visit & Things to do Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

30 Great Places to Visit & Things to do Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini Westlake Village California knows with a trip to Santa Barbara, California, in your future, planning now for the fun adventures you’ll enjoy while there will entice and excite you even more. The city isn’t shy, and there’s plenty of things to see and do throughout the area. Here is 30 great places to visit and things to do.

1.   Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo for a great day of animal fun. Visitors have numerous exhibits to enjoy, and a vast selection of animals for their viewing pleasure.

2.   Visit Rattlesnake Canyon Trail for hiking, biking and outdoor adventure for all ages.

3.   Take a trip to Granada Theatre to catch a live theatrical performance and enjoy your night in this Ian Filippini Santa Barbara landmark!

4.   Everyone is surprised at the enjoyment found at the County Courthouse. This historic landmark has lush botanical gardens and landscaping to melt all of your worries away.

5.   Head out to the Santa Barbara Waterfront anytime, day or the night, for serene escapes from the world.

6.   No trip to the city is complete without a visit to the Santa Barbara Mission. Here you’ll find a plethora of history lessons and artifacts to educate you while entertaining you.

7.   Get to know Ian Filippini Westlake Village California at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. His experience in financial planning will help you keep your visit in Santa Barbara within budget.

8.   Visit the Museum of Natural History. There is absolutely something for everyone at this museum.

9.   Go to Channel Islands. These four islands are right off of the coastline and make for an exciting adventure!

10.   Eat a steak at the Brewhouse. It is one of the fine steakhouses in the city, well worth the splurge!

11.   The Museum of Art would make for a wonderful trip before your visit to the steakhouse! Lots of art on display here and exploration.

12.   If you’re not on State Street, you’re not really in Santa Barbara! Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. knows there’s a little bit of everything on State Street all of which the visitor will appreciate. This includes shopping, attractions and more.

13.   Another of the excellent museums in the city, a visit to the Maritime Museum is one that you will love if you enjoy nautical histories.

14.   For more art enjoyment, visit Gallery 113 for a variety of modern art.

15.   EOS Lounge is the place to be when you want to take in the night life of Santa Barbara. With fresh drinks and DJ’s spinning into the early hours of the morning.

16.   For a variety of nightlife fun, make your way to Indochine. A smaller nightclub with plenty of intimacy and good times waiting to be had.

17.   Watch a movie at Arlington Theater. It has an outdoorsy feeling with the falsetto balconies and great movies, bands, ballets and more!

18.   Take the children to Rockin’ Kids. This indoor playhouse has something for boys and girls of all ages.

19.   Another great place for the kids is the Rock Place. Yes, this is the name, and rock climbing is the game. Children can enjoy rock climbing while mom sits back and gets a bit of rest and relaxation.

20.   Stay for a night or two at the Belmond El Encanto. This is one of the most amazing resorts in the city with a view of the riviera of Santa Barbara.

21.   Visit the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. for important information about your finances. This winning group of professionals understand your needs and offer many different services including retirement planning, estate planning, insurance and more. President, Ian Filippini Westlake Village California, along with the rest of the team, will assist you in your planning needs!

22.   Camp out at the Douglas Family Preserve! This is one of the most beautiful areas in the city, enabling you to enjoy nature at its best.

23.   Taste the wine created at Margerum, one of the best in the entire city!

24.   If you like gardens visit the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens for picture-perfect scenery.

25.   Go shopping on State Street with a variety of shops for adults and children.

26.   While you’re out shopping make sure that you visit Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center where there are stores such as Macy’s, as well as theaters, restaurants and so much more.

27.   Eat at the Seagrass restaurant for delicious, fresh seafood cooked just the way that you like it.

28.   Have a scoop (or two) of ice cream at McConnell’s. This is one of the best places to feast upon ice cream in the city!

29.   Pet a shark at the Ty Warner Nature Center while is also enjoying an array of other aquatic life.

30.   Finally, make sure that you visit the Visitor’s Center. Here visitors have all of the information needed for a great trip in the palm of your hands, ensuring that your visit to the city is the best.


25 Free Santa Barbra Activities

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

25 Free Santa Barbra Activities

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Ian Filippini Westlake Village California has heard it is said that Santa Barbara, California is a city of great fortune, and it is certainly noticeable residents enjoy a higher quality of life than people in neighboring cities. But if you think that enjoying all that the city has to offer will come at a price tag to match this lavish lifestyle, think again. The city is filled with many free activities individuals of all ages can enjoy. That’s right. You can get out and about and enjoy great attractions and activities without going into the wallet! Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is a wealth management consultant and president of Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. As an individual with a desire to help all residents of the city maintain as much money as possible, Mr. Filippini certainly recommends and appreciates each of these free activities. Let’s take a look.

Free Fun Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Here are 25 free things that you can do in the city, courtesy of Ian Filippini Westlake Village California and the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc.

  1. Visit the Farmer’s Market and sample a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the state and around the world.
  2. If it is summer time it is time for movies in the park. Head down to Isla Vista to enjoy a free show for the family.
  3. Visit the Douglas Family Preserve and walk the grounds. You are bound to be intrigued by what you discover.
  4. Every Sunday, admission into the Museum of Art is free. You can enjoy all that the museum has to offer on a rainy day or any other!
  5. Plan a romantic picnic with your loved one and view the spectacular waters and landscaping at Nojoqui Falls .
  6. Make your way to Stearns Wharf. There are many great stores, restaurants and entertainment spots available to occupy your time, and great views of the ocean.
  7. Go to the beach! With miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, enjoying any of your favorite sun time activities is easy to do in Santa Barbara. The weather is near-perfect, making any day a great day to do the beach.
  8. State Street is the heart of downtown, and with your visit you can see what the city really has to offer, all at no cost.
  9. The Santa Barbara Courthouse is a top attraction in the area, and one that can be enjoyed at no cost. The landscape and architectural style is the highlight of this attraction.
  10. On Sunday and Thursday, the Railroad Museum offers free movies that are very interesting for all ages, not to mention fun and educational.
  11. Head toward East Beach and take photographs of the Rainbow Arch. It is an amazing site to see!
  12. Visit Fairview Gardens Farm and take your pick of the delicious homegrown organic foods available, and learn more about the process of gardening while there.
  13. Visit the University of California Santa Barbara. There’s an art museum inside, not to mention many other fun and free activities open to the public.
  14. If you’re up for a short drive, a visit to the Chanel Islands National Park is the perfect way to spend the day.
  15. If you like wine, a day trip to Solvang is in order. Many vineyards and wineries are available for samplings, and there is also a magnificent view to be enjoyed to and from the area.
  16. Take a trip to the Santa Barbara Mission. Another top attraction, this is one of the few missions in the state, and one still in use for services today.
  17. There’s lots to do at the Harbor, so make sure that you schedule it to the list of to-do activities.
  18. If you’re into skateboarding, there is a free park for you to enjoy called Skater’s Point. It’s lots of fun, and there’s ramps and other skating areas available.
  19. Head to Goleta and make your way to Stow House.
  20. See the ostriches at OstrichLand USA located near Solvang.
  21. Cabrillo Arts Pavilion offers a number of free activities. Check them out and discover artists from around the city at their best.
  22. Visit Lompoc to view the murals.
  23. Kidsworld, located in nearby Alameda, if a great place for free fun for the kids. Don’t miss it.
  24. Go hiking on one of the fabulous trails up the Santa Ynez Mountains.
  25. Camp at the mountains! El Capitan hosts one of the finest campgrounds and cabins in the area.

Make sure that you also stop by to thank Ian Filippini Santa Barbara for this list of fun and free activities, and get a little bit of financial advice from his team at the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. while you are there. Ian Filippini Westlake Village California knows you won’t be disappointed with what these professionals can do for your needs.

Iaian Filippini of Filippini Wealth Management Group Tip #17

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Estate Planning Tip #17

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There is a lot that goes into estate planning.  There are a lot of people involved, a lot of meetings, a lot of documents, and a lot of, well, planning!    Sometimes with all of this involvement, you may just want to hurry up and be done with the process.  Especially if you are not financially planning minded, estate planning can be a real chore, and things can be missed.  Things such as planning for protection against estate recovery.  Of course you should have the help of a reputable estate planner by your side to help you and guide you through this process.  Iaian Filippini is a reputable estate planner and trusted financial consultant.  In this article, Iaian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. will discuss how you can protect your home from something called estate recovery.            Iaian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. have worked with many clients who’s only asset was their home, the house that they live in.  For many people, this is a reality, says Iaian Filippini.  They don’t have tons and tons of money, they just have their home (but they own it outright), says Iaian Filippini.  But what happens if you need government medical assistance at the end of your life? Unfortunately, says Iaian Filippini, if you get medical financial aide, and then you pass away and are not able to pay it back, your home (or any other assets) can be taken.            Iaian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. says that there is a way around this and it is called a life estate.  According to Iaian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc., a life estate is when there can be two owners on a property, but they are for different time periods.  Iaian Filippini says that you would be the owner while you are alive, but another owner will automatically take over at the time of your death and cannot be taken.            Iaian Filippini is a Santa Barbara local and the president of Montecito’s Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. is located in Montecito, California. Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. was created by Alfred Filippini, who is also the late father of Iaian Filippini and his brother Alex Filippini (also worked with Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc.). Iaian Filippini’s mother also lives in the Santa Barbara area. Filippini Wealth Management Group, Inc. is not a law firm and is not licensed to practice law. Iaian Filippini is also not licensed to practice law and is not an attorney. No advice is given or intended with this article. No legal recommendations or guidance have been provided. Contact a licensed attorney to review any legal questions or problems you may be involved in.