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Probate is something that everyone would just rather avoid.  It takes up your time, usually it takes money (because usually you need a lawyer), and it ties up your loved one’s estate for as long as it takes the probate process, and this includes paying any debts that are owed.  When you are dealing with a loved one’s death, you are already dealing with so much, probate is not something that you want to throw onto the fire.  Luckily, there are some legal ways to avoid some, or all of your estate from going to probate court after you die.  Ian Filippini has been helping his clients’ estates avoid probate for many years.  In this article, Ian Filippini will briefly discuss several ways to avoid probate.
According to Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and Filippini Financial Group, Inc., the easiest way to avoid some of your property going through probate is to gift it away before you die.  Of course, says Ian Filippini and Filippini Financial Group, Inc., this comes with a lot of strings attached.  You have to be willing to be done with the property already (before you die), and know who you want to inherit it.  According to Ian Filippini, there will also be gift taxes associated with this strategy.  Ian Filippini Santa Barbara says to talk to your estate planning specialist to determine if the taxes or the cost of probate for that property will be less expensive.
Ian Filippini asserts that setting up payable on death accounts is also an easy way for that money to avoid probate.  Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and Filippini Financial Group, Inc. say that this process is just as easy as you would think; you set up certain accounts (or all of your accounts) payable to a beneficiary at the moment of your death.
Lastly, Ian Filippini and Filippini Financial Group, Inc. will mention living trusts.  Ian Filippini says that this way, the trustee will technically own the trust.
Filippini Financial Group, Inc. was originally founded by Ian Filippini’s father, Alfred Filippini. Alfred passed away in 2009, but Ian Filippini’s mother still lives in the Santa Barbara area. Ian Filippini’s brother, Alex Filippini, has also been close by to be able to help Ian Filippini with Filippini Financial Group, Inc. Ian Filippini and Filippini Financial Group, Inc. take pride in spending the time to listen to their client’s goals and then implementing them.
Ian Filippini is not a licensed attorney and does not practice law. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not licensed to practice law and is not a law firm. Consult with a licensed attorney to review any legal questions or issues that may arise.