Ian Filippini: What Is An Estate Plan?

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What Is An Estate Plan?

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An estate plan sounds like something from a movie.  Is sounds like something for the very rich…or at least someone with an estate.  What is an estate anyway?  Before you can understand what estate planning is, you need to understand what we are referring to when we say the word estate.  Your estate includes anything that you own.  This means everything from your house, to your bank accounts, to your records in the garage.  All of it is your estate.  You do not need to have a sprawling multi-million dollar property, (which is what some people usually think of when they think of the word estate), to need an estate plan.  For a long time, the majority of people thought that a will and an estate plan were one and the same, but this is not true.  An estate plan is much more detailed and involved than just having a will (although a will is generally included in most estate plans).  Ian Filippini is a professional estate planner with many years of experience.  In this article, Ian Filippini will briefly describe what an estate plan can include.  Ian Filippini also recommends that you speak with your own estate planning professional when you are ready to create your own estate plan.

Ian Filippini says that an estate plan is much more than to determine where your assets will go, though this is of course included.  According to Ian Filippini, an estate plan should include final medical wishes, as well as final resting wishes, neither of which can be included in just a will.  Ian Filippini says that an estate plan can name someone to take care of you if you ever become unable to care for yourself, which could be very important.

Ian Filippini says an estate plan can also name who is responsible for minor children. Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is not a law firm and Ian Filippini not an attorney. No advice is given or is intended to be given. The article above is not to be considered legal advice.

Filippini Financial Group, Inc. is a family run business situated in the Montecito area. Filippini Financial Group, Inc.’s current president is Ian Filippini. Ian Filippini also lives in the Montecito area. Ian Filippini’s brother helped out at Filippini Financial Group, Inc. and Ian Filippini’s father was also the founder of Filippini Financial Group, Inc.

Alfred Filippini passed away in 2009. Ian Filippini’s mom (Deborah Filippini) is still alive and living in the Montecito area. Ian Filippini spends time writing different articles relating to estate planning, insurance and real estate. When away from work, you can find Ian Filippini with his nephew Drew.

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