Ian Filippini: The Basics – Estate Planning

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

The Basics – Estate Planning

Estate planning can sound like a complicated and daunting task.  It might sound like something only people of great means should do.  The truth is that estate planning doesn’t have to be very confusing or scary, but it can get complicated along the way, depending on the size and type of your estate.  You should always consult a trusted financial professional to get the most up to date and correct information on estate planning.  Ian Filippini is a trusted and experienced financial professional.  Ian Filippini is very knowledgeable on the subject of estate planning.  In this article, Ian Filippini will briefly discuss the basics of estate planning.  Ian Filippini will give the definition of estate planning, the different parts of an estate plan and when your current estate plan should be looked over.

Estate planning is basically putting your financial affairs in order.  Ian Filippini stresses that the goal is to have all of your assets set up so that you get the most advantage out of them now, and that others (if you choose) can benefit from your assets later.  This is just the very basic definition from Ian Filippini.

Ian Filippini asserts that in general, an estate plan will include at the very least, a will, (or a trust), and a final medical directive.  Ian Filippini feels that these are the most important aspects to an estate plan.

Ian Filippini has heard of some people creating an estate plan and then not thinking about it again.  Ian Filippini wants to emphasize that your estate plan should be looked at whenever there is a major change in your life.  Ian Filippini gives some examples such as marriage, divorce, births, deaths, and business purchases.

These are the basics of estate planning as told by Ian Filippini.

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