Ian Filippini: Santa Barbara and Recycling

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Ian Filippini

Santa Barbara and Recycling

Beautiful Santa Barbara!  Ian Filippini thinks it is such a terrific place to live, to visit and to work.  The constant sunshine and mild temperatures, ample palm trees, majestic mountains and glistening blue ocean make Santa Barbara one of the most beautiful places in the country—maybe even the world!  Santa Barbara locals and residents take great pride in their great city of Santa Barbara.  One thing that is extremely important to most people that live and/or work in Santa Barbara is recycling.  In this article Ian Filippini will briefly describe the different recycling options available to people in the Santa Barbara area.

Santa Barbara has had different recycling programs in place for quite some time now.  For recycling in public, out and about in the Santa Barbara area, there are different recycling bins available.  The most common recycling available out on the streets is for plastic, aluminum and glass.  This makes the most sense because people mostly carry around plastic water bottles, aluminum cans and glass bottles also.

In different businesses in Santa Barbara that recycle, the most commonly available product that is recycled is paper.  There are usually ample places to recycle paper inside of many Santa Barbara businesses.

For recycling in Santa Barbara homes, many families contact their local waste management provider to coordinate recycling bins and pickups.  At home recycling usually includes plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, and green waste.

There are many different recycling centers available to the public in the Santa Barbara area.  Some of these recycling centers will even pay you for the plastic, glass and aluminum that you collect and bring to them.  This is a win-win for everyone.  The recycling keeps Santa Barbara beautiful and can put a few pennies in the Santa Barbara locals’ wallets!

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