Santa Barbara: Food Crawl

Have you ever been on a food crawl?  I have.  It was in Santa Barbara County.  I started the day off eating.  I ended the night, eating.  Even Bailey my dog got in on the act.  Passing through Solvang is my favorite way to go to Santa Barbara heading south.  The eucalyptus trees lined highway gives way to a charming Danish town complete with whimsical windmills.  Everyone has their favorite bakery.  Mine comes down to who has my coveted hard to find prune Danish.  I never think about a prune Danish unless I am on my way to Santa Barbara through Solvang.  After walking around the town I feel less guilty about my next stop.  Ebelskivers.  I don’t usually think about round Danish pancakes but it is a must when passing through Solvang.  Before leaving I purchase a bucket of butter cookies.  How many will I eat before I pass Gaviota on my way to Santa Barbara?  Too many.

Santa Barbara County is home to the University of California Santa Barbara.  It is tucked away along the coastline in Isla Vista.  A food crawl is a way of life in this college town. Organic to fast food the choice is yours.  And if your stay finds you there at night there is a Drive-In-Theater, just off campus, boasting the iconic menu of nachos, ice cream and hot dogs.

Bailey likes to stop at In-And-Out.  And what’s a food crawl without a shake?

Authentic Mexican food can be found throughout Santa Barbara County.  Downtown State Street is home to sophisticated restaurants as well as the more casual eateries.  The best breakfast burrito I ever ate was from a liquor store in Carpinteria.

Stay on state Street to continue your food crawl.  If you walk toward the ocean the Santa Barbara Warf welcomes you at the end of the street.  If you are ready for a snack there is candy and ice cream tucked around the corner.   I like to sit and look at the boats while I contemplate my next decision.  Do I want my fish from a shell or a taco?

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